Hello, everyone! Do you want to make your own skin and hair care products and those too herbal products? Here is the best solution for you.

Freshistry Brand:

Last month I came to know about this brand Freshistry. They customise the hair care and skin care products according to your need. I have ordered the sunscreen lotion for me and it is an amazing product. Personalized beauty products always sound very tempting and convenient.

sunscreen lotion freshistry

The concept of Personalized beauty products:

They have 4 categories of products such as face cleanser, lotion, cream, hair cleanser. These categories include body whip, body butter, sunscreen lotion, moisturizer, body lotion, shampoo,  face wash,  etc. You would get to choose your skin and scalp type and the base, then pick the herbs as per your skin and hair goals and at last brand the product with your name, color, and fragrance. The freshistry team will make the freshly brewed desired product for you.

My experience with the brand:

Well, I came to know about this brand through youtube. I went to Freshistry website and registered over there. I wanted to try sunscreen lotion as I use it frequently. So I thought to give it a shot.I will explain the whole process of purchasing step by step.

  • First I had to choose the lotion category.
  • I chose my skin type(normal).
  • Then I chose sunscreen lotion( moisturizer and body lotion were also there).
  • In the next page, there were few herbs (such as basil, borage, rose, lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree and sage) with their benefits mentioned. You have to choose one herb. If you want to make your fresh potion so that you can mix the potion with the product before applying, you will be charged extra 50 rupees per herb. Anyways I chose rose herb as it acts as a natural sunscreen. I did not choose another herb.
  • Next, I selected Caribbean green colour for my lotion. This colour is very light so in the picture, it does not look exactly like green.
  • In fragrance, I chose ‘infinite love’. I selected the fragrance randomly. You can select as per your preference. So now comes the main part that is the payment.
  • I was charged for Rs.375 for the 200ml of lotion and extra Rs.50 for shipping( shipping is free for the orders above Rs.750). In Rs.425 I got 200 ml of product.
  • Then comes the interesting part that is the branding the product with your name. As you can see in the picture ‘Lipsa’s paradise’ is written with two heart symbols. Yes, I selected this name with the symbols. You can give any name you want.
  • I placed the order with online payment. They also offer COD. The product came within 5-6 days. They also keep you updated about the product dispatch, shipping, etc. So you do not have to worry about that.

sunscreen lotion freshistry

The product itself:

The product came nicely bubble wrapped inside a black pouch.The bottle is transparent and made up of plastic. The screw cap is quite sturdy so it is travel-friendly. It is advised to use the product within 6 months of manufacturing. They have mentioned the date and time of the product manufacturing which is quite impressive. The ingredients written on the bottle are aqua, cream base, beeswax, EDTA, oil, almond oil. It contains beeswax so it is not exactly a cruelty-free product. But it is a herbal product free from parabens,  sulphates,  etc. So it is a good purchase.

The lotion is very light in texture. The fragrance is very mild and soothing. It quickly absorbs into the skin and does not feel sticky. The skin remains hydrated throughout the day. The skin does not get tanned easily. But you should apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours.

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sunscreen lotion freshistry

Pros & Cons:


  • Very light in texture and not sticky at all
  • Mild fragrance
  • Contains Natural SPF
  • Keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day


  • Natural SPF does not live up to their claims usually. They have certain limitations in providing the protection from UV rays. But if you do not want to use any chemical sunscreen then this product is the safer option to have.
  • It is not a cruelty-free product.



Overall I am satisfied with the brand, their service and the product of course. I will definitely buy some products again from their website. It is very nice to know that some Indian brands are coming with this personalized beauty products concept.

you can buy the products here:

My Rating: 4/5




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