Hello, everyone! Monsoon is just around the corner. It will cause various skin and hair problems due to ambient humidity, sweat, pollution, dirt, UV rays, etc. I thought to suggest some basic tips for taking care of your hair and skin. Let’s get into the details of Monsoon care and tips.


I have explained Monsoon care in 3 areas, such as skin care, hair care, and makeup.


  • Wash your face 3-4 times a day with face wash.
  • Use a light moisturiser so that it will get absorbed by the skin quickly.
  • During monsoon also UV rays are very harmful. Even if the weather is cloudy there are still the harmful rays. So make sure to apply sunscreen before going outside.

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  • Exfoliate your skin regularly to remove dead skin cells and the dirt.
  • Scrub your feet with a scrub 2-3 times a week. If possible apply anti bacterial/ anti fungal powder on your feet.
  • Use a good toner to close the pores on your face.
  • Always use cleaned and dried clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.

  • Drink lots of water to remain hydrated. During monsoon also our body tends to get dehydrated easily and it will affect your skin and hair.
  • Avoid going to beauty salons frequently. Because in monsoon skin infection chances are very high. Try to use homemade remedies.
  • Use face mist throughout the day to refresh and hydrate your skin. It will also be helpful for removing the excess dirt from your face. Rose water/lavender water/mogra water or aloe vera gel mixed with water can be used as a toner or face mist.
  • Acne and pimples are very common issues found in monsoon. Mix lavender oil/tea
  • tree oil in your moisturizer or face packs to prevent acne and pimples.

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  • Hair gets damaged heavily during monsoon. So wash your hair regularly. Sometimes use lukewarm water to wash hair.
  • Do not leave your hair loose. Make a ponytail/braid or a simple bun to avoid damage caused by pollution and rain.
  • Massage your scalp with hot oil to keep hair soft and prevent hair fall. Massage neem oil on the scalp to remove itchiness.

  • Do not colour your hair during monsoon. It will make your hair dull and frizzy. The scalp also becomes greasy.
  • Hair spa is a very good idea but it would be the best if you do it at home.


  • Use very light make up otherwise rain would spoil it completely.
  • If you do makeup daily then it must be mattifying and waterproof.
  • Avoid using kajal even if it is smudge proof. If you still want to use kajal then put some eyeshadow (same colour as kajal) with a brush on top of your kajal line. It will stay in place for long in spite of the rain.

  • Do not use liquid eyeliners. Go for cream or gel based eye pencils.
  • Use powder based or crayon eyeshadows.
  • On eyebrows use the regular eyebrow pencil or gel based pencils.
  • Use cheek stain or cream blushes.
  • Matte lipsticks are the best option in monsoon.

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So these are my monsoon care and tips concerning your skin, hair, and makeup. I hope it would be helpful for you all.




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