Hello, everyone! Today I will discuss some hair care facts and myths which you need to know. Let’s get started.





1.Myth: Washing your hair everyday take out all the nutrients.

Fact: Washing your hair every day with a good quality shampoo revitalizes the scalp and leaves the hair healthy and shiny.

2.Myth: Washing your hair too much can cause hair loss.

Fact: It is possible if you do it robustly.


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3.Myth: If you pluck a gray hair, two or more will grow in the same place.

 Fact: When you pluck out the gray hair there is a chance that you are looking for more so you see more.

4.Myth: Gray hair is often caused by stress.

 Fact: Stress can accelerate graying hair. Gray hair is caused by the melanocytes that produce melanin (pigment) dying and therefore no longer producing color.


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5.Myth: Your eyebrows should always match your hair colour.

Fact: This is partially true due to current trends. To have darker eyebrows than your real hair colour is trending everywhere.

6.Myth: By trimming often your hair grows faster.

Fact: The follicles in your scalp actually determine the growth of your hair. However, by trimming the hair may make them appear longer and thicker because you are getting rid of split ends and breakage.

7.Myth: Shaving the head of a newborn prevents baldness.

Fact: It is false. Male baldness sometimes happens due to inheritance. If father and grandfather /maternal grandfather both have this genetic characteristic then the newborn will inherit it.

8.Myth: If you never wash your hair, it will clean itself.

Fact: It will just get dirtier and would result in greasy, itchy scalp.

9.Myth: You should not use conditioner if your hair is greasy.

Fact: One should not massage conditioner into the scalp but should apply to the body and tips of the hair. Only people with very short hair do not need conditioner.


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10.Myth: Split ends can be repaired.

Fact: Split ends cannot be repaired and they should be trimmed of quickly.

11.Myth: Brush 100 times a day for healthier hair.

Fact:  Brushing pulls out hair that isn’t ready to fall out, often breaks healthy hair, and scratches the scalp. Brush gently for styling only not to stimulate the scalp.

12.Myth: If you use the same shampoo every time, then it will stop working gradually.

Fact:  Not at all. It will be the same every time you wash your hair unless you have coloured your hair or used hot tools frequently.

13.Myth: Clipping and Shaving encourage hair growth.

Fact: It has nothing to do with hair growth.

14.Myth: Braiding and beading the hair make it grow faster.

Fact:  Absolutely wrong. It can damage the hair.


Well, these are some hair care facts & myths. If you ever suffer from any hair problem then do consult with a doctor as soon as you can.

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