So many beauty products are available currently and trending that you must have confused what to buy and why to buy. But there are some products which are not worth the money you are spending or you are thinking to invest in it. Here are some lists of products which are absolutely unnecessary in my opinion. A little disclaimer, these are my opinions /observations and you are completely free to disagree with it.


The below mentioned beauty products are not useful according to me. But everyone has different perception towards beauty products. So I am just expressing my opinions only.

1. Under eye cream for dark circles:  Although dark circles are needed to be counted out, these expensive eye creams and gels never do their work. The main point is your eye area has to remain hydrated and moisturised every time as it is the thinnest and most sensitive part of your face. Your regular moisturiser or face serum or simply the aloe vera gel/bamboo gel/lotus gel will do this work effectively.

2. Lash primer:  Here is another useless beauty buy. Everybody loves voluminous eyelashes but this lash primer does nothing for your lashes. If you have a good mascara, an eyelash curler then you are sorted.

3. Any body part specific cream: Just open any beauty products selling website you will find tonnes of hand creams, neck creams, foot creams and what not. Your daily used body lotion or body butter will do the same thing. Then what is the need for these different types of creams?

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4. Oil absorbing sheets:  These sheets are overly priced but do absorb the excess oil from face. But do you really need this hyped thing? I mean normal tissue paper will also do the same.


5. Anti-cellulite creams: Ask any physician and you will get the correct answer related to these creams. Cellulite cannot be cast out by applying these creams. Still,  you will find numerous products these days.

6. Rainbow Highlighters: Do you want to look like a walking glitter ball? If not then better skip this product. This highlighter is very expensive and this creates a gradient that reflects different tints in the light. It is ok to use this product for fun night outs or for watching cricket /football match in the stadium. But for the regular days a big NO!

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7. High SPF products: In one of my previous posts I have explained all the details related to SPF. SPF 15 filters 93% of UV rays, SPF 30 does 97% and SPF 50 filters 98% of UV rays. SPF 15 or SPF 30 is generally recommended for everyday purpose. If you stay outside for several hours then select the sunscreen with higher SPF(SPF 50 is enough ) no need to go for SPF 100. Because Above SPF 30  there is a negligible difference in performance.


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8. Foot Mask: The skin of the feet is very dry and rough but you do not need any separate mask to make it soft. Because it is worthless. Clean your foot with pumice, exfoliate it, then apply a moisturizer and you are all set. Doing pedicure also serves the same purpose.

9. Anti aging hair care products:  Anti aging skin creams are superb. But I used to have a good laugh while thinking about these anti aging hair care products. How can a hair care product change the entire follicle growth? If you are thinking to buy these line of products then give it a second thought.

10. Lip plumpers: It is another big trend these days. Companies are selling it at such a higher price and people are going gaga over it. These plumping products contain ingredients like cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and ginger along with other vivid supplements like menthol and wintergreen which irritate the lips resulting in swelling. These are not at all good for your lips. If you want to have fuller lips, draw a thin line around your lips and fill it. It will be effective and harmless.

So these are my recommended products which you do not need to splurge on. Save your money by skipping these pointless products.


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