Stress is the body’s method of reacting to challenge. Stress is not that bad always because it is the body’s way of protecting you. But if you are facing sudden negative changes or always in traumatic conditions then your body and mind pay the price. Everybody has the stress-busting power. But you need to implement it to manage the stress.



Here are some quick stress relief strategies for you.

  • Treat yourself with dark chocolate: It may sound silly but it actually does help.I have tried out this strategy many times and trust me it really works.

  • Give yourself a stealthy self-hug: Yes wrap your arms around yourself. Your own body releases oxytocin and other biochemicals which help in quick stress relief.

  • Take a slow and deep breath: It reduces the adrenalin levels so it will calm down your mind. This is the most common method people usually prefer to do.

  • Talk face to face: By talking face to face with your dear ones will help in busting the stress. Sometimes it really works very fast.

  • Surrounded by Aroma: Light a scented candle or burn some incense sticks. lavender and roses are one of the best fragrances which help in soothing. You can also enjoy the clean and fresh air outside.

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  • Jaw dropping: Let your tongue go limp in your mouth and then open your mouth slightly, which will instantly loosen up your jaw. This activity brings your parasympathetic nervous system online which tells your body to relax and rest.

  • Grab a cappuccino: Caffeine content in coffee relaxes the body as well as the mind. The protein and fat present in milk will boost your energy level.

  • Shout it out loud/Laugh out loud: Take out your frustration and anxiety by shouting out loud or laughing it loud in an underpopulated place.

  • Listen to your favourite music: It is a very well known process. It will help you restore the peaceful mind.

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  • Play with your pet: Research says, spending time with the pets will help you decrease the blood pressure level.

  • Simply smile: It is the easiest way of stress relief. If you put on happy face then you will ask yourself that does it really matter?

  • Feed yourself with carbs and fat snacks: By eating food full of carbohydrates or sugar or a snack full of fats will calm down the stress. So have some ice creams or cookies and enjoy the moment.

  • Colorful sight: Cherish yourself by looking at a beautiful picture or memento. Look at the flowers and plants. Enjoy the environment by sitting in beach, park or in your own backyard. Sights with different colors lift up the mood quickly.

  • Memories: Recall the happy memories you have in your past. It will keep you energized.

These are some tips and tricks to get rid of stress as your body and mind always crave for quick fixes. I hope this article helps you out to overcome stress.

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